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The Lost Tapes EP

What is the lost tapes?

Well the lost tapes is a variety of unreleased material by BabyBoom. These tracks were recorded several years ago, and was featured on BabyBooms mixtape, mixed by none other than BBC1 XTRA’s DJ Young Lion.

The tracks that have been compiled for this new EP are just a handful of material that BabyBoom has recorded over many years, and was only released in the streets and local radio stations. Due to the adulation from his fanbase a decision was made to bring together a few of the tracks, and give them the proper platform they deserve namely an official release hence the name ‘’The Lost Tapes’’

All Tracks Produced by BabyBoom Reble World Records.


These tracks are to portray BabyBoom’s ingenuity in the way he delivers each song to command his space in the Dancehall world.

The track ‘’Dat Nuh Normal’’ which has two versions is one of BabyBoom’s biggest singles to date, one version is a more comical song that gets the fans elated as they are able to participate when he performs it. The other version is very educational and teaches a lot of the younger generation about some of the more prominent and inspiring Black people of our time, that is why it was named Dat Nuh Normal “Black Icons”.


A quote from Kennedy “Prezedent” Mensah - C.E.O of Back 2 Da Future Music.

“Dah One Yah Name “Filling In The Gaps” - A number of recordings by Artist/Producer BabyBoom from the early days of his Reble World Imprint that were never officially released but had some local Airplays and are being requested to this day!!!!!!

The Lost Tapes EP have been scheduled for Release on the 7th September 2018. It will available on all digital platforms.


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The tracks that have been selected for this EP are:

Always On My Mind - Passion Riddim

Dat Nuh Normal - Mad Sex Riddim

Close Encounter - Soul Seeka Riddim

See Me Fall - Cold Minds Riddim

Wasteman - Eden Riddim

Nah Sell Out My Friends Dem - Indian Sitar Riddim

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