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Reble World Riddims

We are pleased to bring to you a compilation of Reble World Riddims - Volume 1.


This project comprises of six authentic Dancehall Riddims, some of which we have released as a full juggling project.

Every riddim we carefully selected on this EP has its own story to tell, it's hardcore dancehall the Reble World way.


Our riddims/instrumentals featured on this EP are the HeavyWeight Riddim, Deposit Riddim, Shoelace Riddim, Burn It Riddim, Raybanz Riddim and CockRoach Riddim.


A few of these riddims are what gave birth to Reble World Records. The Deposit Riddim was our first release, which was a great project and paved the way for many more riddims to follow.


So plug in your subwoofer, turn up your stereo, sit back and listen a our musical riddim journey.


Out Now!!


To purchase your copy via Itunes below

Reble World Riddims - Volume 1  

We are delighted to bring to you another Reble World Records EP Called “Reble World Records Riddims - Volume 2.

We have again packed together a heavy six Dancehall Riddim tracks, some have been released already like the Recognise Riddim, the Drop Zone Riddim but we have added a few more to take you into the Real Dancehall elements.

Every Riddim on this EP we have chosen specifically for this project as these Riddims are the core base of what we do.

The Riddims that are featured on this EP are the Drop Zone Riddim, Gift Wrap Riddim, Nuff Gyal Riddim, Press Dem Riddim, Recognise Riddim and the Sweet Soap Riddim.

We have added to our first release “Reble World Riddims - Volume 1 with Volume 2.

So if you’re in your car, home or just about to string up your sound system, press play and come take a walk with us on our Dancehall journey.


Check Out -


Reble World Riddims Volume 2 

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