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Jah Bless Me 

It’s HERE!!!!


The debut long player from UK Dancehall/Reggae artist/producer - BabyBoom. Entitled ‘JAH BLESS ME’, the 13 track album was produced by Christopher ‘Chris Peckings’ Price for Peckings Records.


The ‘Jah Bless Me’ album is a body of work that clearly shows the versatility of BabyBoom as it displays his talent, lyrical dexterity and melodious delivery on not only Dancehall but also on fabled studio 1 Riddims. 


It is on legendary Studio 1 music that BabyBoom grew up on and as such, given the chance by Peckings to reinterpret some of those Riddims -  he wanted to keep those authentic vibes whilst using his own inimitable style to deliver his vision of a “modern” reggae and rejuvenate them.

The 1st release from the album, ‘Chocolate’ (with Tarrus Riley), was also Boom’s first collaboration with Peckings Records - dedicated to the ladies, and complimenting all complexions from dark to light skin females - this was one of many tracks that shone the spotlight on BabyBoom’s early career. Next came the “herb” anthem, ‘Highest Set Ah Grades’ - another song people gravitated to which added a touch of class to BabyBoom’s repertoire.


BabyBoom states ‘God Nah Sleep’ is based on a real life situation relaying the importance of knowing and understanding people around you, it grabbed the ears of his fans and unlocked him to a whole new Roots Reggae audience.


Born and raised in North-West London, BabyBoom is a Dancehall Deejay/producer with a penchant for Reggae, Dancehall, RnB, and Hip-Hop music.

With lyrics and a delivery which spews from his mouth like a lyrical bombshell he sets dancehalls alight every time he touches a stage.


His stagecraft and lyrical prowess forged in North Weezy’s competitive Dancehall furnaces have already been proven. His name as a credible Producer with collaborations from the likes of Delly Ranx, Mykal Roze, Gaza Kym, Aisha Davis and more on his own Reble World Records label is also now well established. Now it’s time for BabyBoom the Album artist to also be highlighted.


Jah Bless Me’s topics range from consciousness to love, herbs, humour as well as “Reality”. 


This is just the beginning of many to come and we look forward to hearing more from the perpetually creative Artist that is… BabyBoom.

Jah Bless Me -  BabyBoom Album Artwork.jpg
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