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Born and raised in North-West London, Babyboom is a Dancehall Deejay/producer with a penchant for Reggae, Dancehall, RnB, and Hip-Hop music. With lyrics and a delivery which spews from his mouth like a lyrical bombshell he sets dancehalls alight every time he touches a stage.

The Bio

About BabyBoom

Boom’s career started with local Sound System, King Judah, from where he branched off as a solo artist via a stint as a member of the Suncycle Crew and then to the sound system, Killer Contrast. The journey in-between has seen Babyboom share stages with the likes of Elephant Man, T.O.K, Mad Cobra, Frisco Kid, Ce’cile and Kiprich.
A winner and subsequent performer of the prestigious “I Luv Live”  in London, he has gone on to contribute to Lloyd Brown’s US released 14th album, ‘Cornerstone’, and collaborate with the likes of Chris Peckings, Smood Face, Delly Ranx & Tarrus Riley. As well as releasing his own one Riddim projects, ‘The Deposit’ and ‘Nuh Fraid’.
His stage craft and lyrical prowess forged in North Weezy’s competitive Dancehall furnaces have already been proven, and can be evidenced on his mixtape ‘Dat Nuh Normal Vol 1' ..


He has now started his own production company Reble World Records and has produced riddims like Deposit riddim, Nuh Fraid Riddim, 87 Riddim and also CockRoach Riddim which all have been getting lots of air play and generating a lot of talk amongst the reggae and dancehall circuit local and abroad.

A word from our Publisher…..

“Babyboom is blessed with the deep gravelly voice, style, sense of timing and natural swagga needed to be a successful dancehall artist.
As he says himself - him “Nuh Normal”!!!!! The clothes aren’t normal, the voice isn’t normal and the hair definitely isn’t normal!!!! In such a blatantly machismo riddled world as dancehall, you couldn’t be “Normal” and have the word, ‘Baby’, anywhere  near your name and profess to be a ‘Bad Man’ Deejay. But that’s exactly what Boom has done! Slowly but surely, the resonating war-cry “Ka-boom” is now being heard outside of his local  North Wheezy (North-West London) environs. His humbly pleasant demeanor coupled with his talent and work ethic make him a joy to work with. Sometimes though, I think I should buy him a watch to go with his next Royalty Statement!-
Kennedy Mensah, CEO Back 2 Da Future Music

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