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Monique “TINILE” Maxwell-Smith was born in Erie Pa, at the young age of seven years old she was relocated to New York City, and raised in Brooklyn. 

Enrolling in a Performing Arts High School "Talented Unlimited" is where her true talents were discovered, majoring in Musical Theatre and Dramatic Arts. To enhance her artistic skills, she also attended “Harlem Theatre Acting School”. 


Enthusiastically pursuing her careers as an Actress, Singer and Song Writer she can be seen in a “Spike Lee” executive production film "New Jersey Drive", her voice can be heard in “Coca Cola”, “Yale’s Preferred One”, and “Kinney Shoes” radio commercials, and she also performed in Off Broadway Fringe Festival Theatre Plays. 

With her soothing but powerful voice she performed Musical Theatre for the “Spirit of New York” and through her earlier aspiring R&B singing career she worked with well-known artist such as “Buddy from Intro”, “Horace Brown” and “Monifa”. 


Elevating her creative talents within the Film Industry she is currently Screenwriting, Producing and Directing “Film Festival” selected Short Films, Theatre Plays and Music Videos. 


Continuing her passion in music as a Singer / Song Writer she later released her Single “Oh La La” Produced and Distributed by “BabyBoom for Reble World Records” and has also featured on 'The Holding Strong Riddim' with a track 'So This Is Love'.

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