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Tear Drops Riddim

Official Tear Drops Riddim Artwork_edited.jpg

I’m one of those people who sees music as colours. The colour I see gives me the energy/mood of it and speaks to me through the instruments. With this riddim, I could see a light blue kinda pastel colour when I listened back. As an artist myself this is how I ‘vibes’ to a riddim.


The guitar was the first thing I was feeling - it made me think about relationships so I was reminiscing about what people I know have been through ie.. the ups and downs ,the loves, heartaches and pains. 


I named it the ‘Tears Riddim’ at first but it felt too short so I added ‘Drops’ on the end of it and “Tear Drops” sounded more complete. 


I had just started working with a New York based singer called Tinile through Myspace who recorded a song called ‘Ooh La La’ which was first released in 2015. 


I was also working with UK based reggae/dancehall artist Mr Diamond, who recorded ‘Turn Me On’ in Jamaica. His recording was mixed by the award-winning engineer, Red Boom. This single and video was also released in 2015 and did extremely well locally and internationally. 


Over the years DJ’s in both Jamaica and the UK kept referring me back to those songs on that riddim so we decided to make it a full ‘juggling’.


I then reached out to our longtime collaborators Delly Ranx & Peppery. I was working with singer/songwriter and musician Barbara Naps – initially to help with backing vocals and then came USA based Gabbidon, and  Birmingham’s Charmaine X.  


I couldn’t resist jumping on the riddim myself so I have two collaborations with Gabbidon on ‘Still Need You’ and  Barbara Naps with ‘Baby Baby’. 


The last artist to complete this project was UK’s very own singer/songwriter Grantie Asher with ‘Real Woman’.


Trust me, if you love a likkle RnB in your Dancehall - this project is one for you. I want to thank all the artists on this project and everybody who played a part in making this possible.

BabyBoom – Reble World Records


Track Listing

Mr Diamond – ‘Turn Me On’

Barbara Napps Ft BabyBoom – ‘Baby Baby’

Tinile – ‘Ooh La La’

Delly Ranx – ‘Kitty’

Gabbidon Ft BabyBoom – ‘I Still Need You’

Peppery – ‘Angel’

Charmaine X – ‘Number One Girl’

Grantie Asher – ‘Real Woman’

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