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Charmaine X

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It’s not surprising that Charmaine’s first love is music. Her father was a singer and rhythm guitarist and was associated with Steel Fingers, J.A.L.N and Caribbean Harmonics Steel band, so as a child there was an early exposure to classic soul, reggae, soca music and dance.

Appearing back in 1991 in various stage roles, working with Paul Herbert, Theresa Heskins and Ragdoll productions BBC. Her course was set and a deep love of performing and music had set in.


Being in a girl group ‘Prestige’ in 1994 only strengthened her vocal ability and confidence, yet through her interest in literature she became focused on song writing and production. Unable to play an instrument she would simply write and sing new melodies over existing tracks but always heard at the same time exactly how her writing should sound. Aware at the time, the music industry was a tough arena to enter she completed her BA honours in English but never once lost sight of her first love, Music.

The promise of the home studio was only just beginning to happen so singers relied solely on independent studios and she was forced into self-funding her own recordings at great cost in order to pursue her dream.


A chance meeting with producer Jeff Grant who ran Birmingham based film and production company Arena Productions turned into a long association when he instantly recognised the talent, in her writing and her obvious classic soul vocal ability. Both Finding common ground at the time in a love of music emanating from the likes of Jade, Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton and Anita Baker, their early writing partnership led to them winning a local song writing competition. The event enabled them access to extensive studio time and video production.


However, although not losing sight of her musical roots Charmaine also completed a PGCE in Post Compulsory Education and entered the realms of formal teaching an area of her life in which she remains very much committed to.

Over the years as her alternative career blossomed, music has kept pulling her back into the mix with vocals on reggae tracks for Stingray Productions, continued support and airplay of her existing work on Birmingham’s local radio, and further success in several song writing competitions.


The pair have now renewed their writing partnership in 2020 and with time to reflect on the quality of their past work, they set to bringing new tracks into existence. Technology has played a major part in that unison with leaps in production quality afforded by pro level home recording and even mobile phones enabling them to share long distance their song writing ideas.

In September 2020, Charmaine X performed ‘The Key’ and ‘Stay’ live for an online charity concert to raise awareness of organ donations and in November 2020, ‘The Key’ entered the Stevie J Chart Show and successfully achieved number 1 for two consecutive weeks. December 2020, Charmaine X performed ‘Move on Move over,’ ‘Easy Feeling’ and ‘The Key’ for Simmer Lock Down Lounge.


Charmaine X is currently collaborating with various producers and artists, so watch this space. Exciting times ahead!

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