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Good So Peppery EP


Reble World Records and Back 2 Da Future Music Ltd are proud to present a six track EP from the one and only UK dancehall phenomenon, Peppery a.k.a Real HotSteppery.

The "Good So" EP, which is set to be released on 20th July 2015, and has six of Peppery's Pepper Hot tracks which have been loved by his fans all over the world.

On this EP Peppery delivers a vast level of vocal composure as well as a hardcore dancehall approach, with a deep raw vocal tone which captures that energetic dancehall crowd.

An EP of this calibre has more to offer than just music, it provides something for everybody from the ladies to the rude boys.

"High Grade We Want" Sees the collaboration with Artist/Producer and Publisher, BabyBoom as an anthem for the "High Grade Massive". Peppery also teams up with female artist Miss ColourColour to create a dancehall classic "Eyes On Me" produced by BabyBoom.

The name "GOOD SO" derives from his single on the 87 Riddim produced by BabyBoom, as this single on the riddim, which had been getting a lot of positive feedback from fans and radio personnel all over the world.

["Good So" Peppery EP]

The "Good So" EP is a small insight into the world of Peppery a.k.a Real HotSteppery.

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