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Authentic Dubplate EP

The Sound Bwoy Killing EP is an -authentic Dubplate style album

which consists of 5 Sound Bwoy 45 Burial Dubplates by Artist/Producer, BabyBoom.

All of these Dubplate 45's are at every sound man, Disc Jockey's disposal.

Straight Sound Bwoy killing Dubplates with a modern twist.

Babyboom shows his versatility as a Dancehall artist as he can also cater for every sound man in the sound world and this EP insights his talent.


A few words from Babyboom


" This is for every sound man weh get caught up in the credit crunch and don't really have the money to buy Dubplates but u can still 'Tun over' a sound with one ah dem 45 ".




Yahred sound from Brooklyn playing BabyBoom dubplate in a sound clash in brooklyn New York Take ah Listen


Platinum kartel playing BabyBoom dub in a clash watch the forward!!

Saxon alongside David Rodigan In wembley Forward again!!

1st Time ever BabyBoom dubplate being played by Saxon Sound

Platinum kartel live on radio playing BabyBoom dubplate Forward again!!

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