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                     Guspy Warrior

Born Emmanuel Tatenda Manyeruke to the legendary godfather of local gospel music, Mechanic Manyeruke, Guspy Warrior has been making steady progress since bursting onto the music scene nearly nine years ago.

Gifted with an electrifying stage presence and crisply husky voice, his music thrives on meaning-laden lyrics. He usually works back and forth between doing hardcore dancehall music, which is exclusively for party animals in the clubs, and reggae for conscious listening.


Guspy Warrior (born Emmanuel Tatenda Manyeruke, 20 March 1990, Chitungwiza St Mary’s Hospital) is a Zimbabwean reggae/dancehall artist. He is also referred to as The Mafia 19 King and The Dancehall Dada.


He started his career back in 2007 whilst  doing his advanced level studies at Prince Edward High School where he managed to attain 8 points in commercials, but he recalls “I was born a musician and music is my life, I would still have been a musician even if my father (Baba Mechanic Manyeruke) had not been one”, he declared . He is the youngest boy in a family of seven (four boys and three girls) that makes up the Manyeruke family, he believes that he is destined for greatness and is not apologetic about his sudden good fortune.


Mechanic Manyeruke, first discovered Guspy's interest in music when he was only four years old when he took him to the United Kingdom. He started dancing to Bob Marley’s music which was being played in a shop when they were passing by. Born in a musical family, he became a Rastafarian in 2009 and believes the Rastafarian culture and philosophies have made him a better person compared to how he was before. Guspy, who is inspired by Jamaican musicians, Sizzla Kalonji, Gentleman and Turbulence, recorded his first album ‘Born blessed’ in 2008 but none of the 21 songs it carried received any airplay. It was his second album "Time will tell”, which made him popular. The album which carried 42 tracks (18 reggae tunes, 15 dancehall tracks and nine Shona songs), carried the hit song 31 October which enjoyed favorable airplay on local radio stations. In 2011, he produced a 17-track album called 'Dance Hall Dada' which had several hit songs such as ‘Kanondida Aka’ which featured Lady Squanda, ‘Dancehall Champions’ and ‘Summer Time’. The following year in 2012, he released his fith album, 'Handikwanise Kuzvitaura' which carried 14 tracks with songs such as ‘Breathless’, ‘My Life’, ‘Sorry’ and ‘Seunononga’ being the most popular.


In 2010 he got his first big live performance when he shared the stage with one of Jamaica’s finest artists “Sizzla Kalonji”. Furthermore in 2011 he got the chance to prove why they call him “The Dancehall Dada” when he performed alongside Elephant Man, Red Rat from Jamaica. However Guspy Warrior has continued to entertain his fans.


Guspy Warrior is now at the height of his powers, he has toured too many places around Zimbabwe and abroad, shared stage performances with Zimbabwe legends, Oliver Mtukudzi, Baba Mechanic Manyeruke, Alick Macheso and many international artists like Ringo, D’banji, Mavado and Popcaan from Jamaica, just to mention a few. Guspy Warrior performed at President Robert Gabriel Mugabe’s inauguration gala held in August 2013 at the National Sports Stadium where he left masses of people crying out for more.

With the help of his management team, he owns a recording label “Mafia Music” and he is the leader of the ZimDancehall popular crew known as “The Mafia 19” inspired by his father Baba Mechanic Manyeruke, Guspy Warrior recalls “Rasta is real, founder of the world because Rasta did come set di trend, Ya,understand. Rasta is life”.





  1. Born Blessed (2008)
  2. Time Will Tell (2009)
  3. Jamaica Zimbabwe (2010)
  4. Dancehall Dada (2011)
  5. Handikwanise Kuzvitaura (2012)
  6. Wedzera MaWattz (2013)


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