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Dennis Walks - It Nuh Pretty At All

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It Nuh Pretty At All- Dennis Walks

We have a Brand New track by the Jamaican Veteran singer Dennis Walks, track called "It Nuh Pretty At All" produced by BabyBoom for Reble World Records.

"It Nuh Pretty At All"

The meaning is in the name, how life can change dramatically due to struggles and hardship faced by the best of us at times, with no where to go but to face it and find away through.

In this track you can understand the picture being painted, things like having no job, no money, rent to pay, bills to pay, kids to feed and nowhere and no one to turn to, knowing that we all face similar struggles in life.


This is what we call a "One Drop Riddim" it has a sweet reggae swing, combined with a "brass section" which gives life to the whole track, that being said, Dennis Walks has added his own special touch. 

In this track Dennis Walks delivers a strong and potent message to his fans and listeners around the world, stating, that life is hard and "nutten" ain't easy!

So please take the time out to have a listen, share and tell your friend/friends

this track is a must listen!

Many Thanks to Kennedy "Prezedent" Mensah for making this link possible, also to the singer "Dennis Walks" and  "Bullet" from Bullett Movements Sound System, based in Wolverhampton a special thanks for taking the time and energy to voice up this track with great clarity.

Massive Respect!


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