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Due to the current status of our society with issues pertaining to many lives across the country in a time where we face poverty, housing crisis, National Health services having cuts. 

These cuts are affecting the lives of nearly 400,000 Children and 300,000 pensioners who are living in poverty.

As we face a time of austerity, inequality, housing crisis, social care crisis and a low living wage, we also have Brexit which has been dominating and overshadowing the needs in our society. 

Election Fever has gripped Britain what with talks of BREXIT, Immigration, emigration, taxation and all manner of buzz words. Throwing his hat into the ring is none other than……..


BabyBoom the Ghetto Reble with his Manifesto


“Vote For Me” kicks off the campaign for the representative for the less fortunate, sufferers of austerity, poverty-stricken men, women, children and the elderly who struggle every day by the choices of those in higher places.

On this track from the forthcoming album ‘The Oeuvre’, BabyBoom covers a wide range of topics that many can relate to, no matter what colour, race, creed, gender or ethnicity you are we are quite sure you can relate to this one!


Da One Ya Name VOTE FOR ME!

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